Seattle 2016 🇺🇸

While exploring Vancouver in February 2016, I stepped over the border to visit the Rainy City of Seattle 🇺🇸. After a weekend of exploring its parks, markets, quirky cafes and stores - I have to say that I was left pleasantly surprised. One thing that I found bizarre as an European who was new to North American cities is the express tunnels. I really though I am entering a metro station when I got shocked by the bus lanes and trams going underground in tunnels along the main street. Contrary to it’s fame, I’ve got great weather for my short stay and managed to take a few shots with my DSLR Canon D700 with 18-55mm IS STM lense. Hope you enjoy the pictures 👋

All images licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. Click here to obtain a copy of this license.
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