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Hi there!

I’m not going to introduce myself to the public, as most of you, who reads this blog, already knows me in some way or another (from work, friends, social media). What I am going to do in this preface is to give some context about what is going to happen in this section of my new personal webpage.

This blog is going to be about me, and my path to become a better human, partner, professional, but also about weird topics that I am momentarily are interested in. It will be a brain dump of my thoughts, sometimes personal, sometime very objective. If you stick around long enough, you might even learn a thing or two about me.

I will keep this blog very minimal, but sometimes you’ll see some fancy graphics here and there. Everything I will post here, I will try to make it myself.

I want to get better at writing, creating and motivating myself. This will be a good (and healthy) practice to do so! Some posts will have comments enabled, some won’t. It only makes sense to open it up, when the post is open-ended and I am looking to start a discussion with you!

I’ve tried this before, but failed horribly - so you might ask, what is going to be different about this one then? Well, I cannot assure anything, but I feel more motivated than ever and 2017 will be my year - so stick around and you will see.

Antal János M.

Antal János M.

Software engineer @Skyscanner | Previously @LEGO_Group

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